[Moin-user] Which server to use for MoinMoin

Chris G cl at isbd.net
Wed May 30 16:38:34 EDT 2007

I was going to put this as another question in my first mail but
decided a separate thread would be easier.

I'm aiming to use MoinMoin as a place to keep documentation, some
diary type stuff, etc. on my home Slackware system.  Currently I'm
just using the moin.py server on port 8000 to have a play.

There seems to be quite a lot of choice as to what web server to use
with MoinMoin.  I think my situation is likely to be as follows:-

    One admin/editing user (me), I will almost certainly always be the
    only admin user, there's a small possibility I might want to add
    one or two family member editing users.

    Most use will be local home network subnet use (behind a router),
    I do have apache 1.3 running on the Slackware system and
    accessible from the outside world and would like read access to at
    least some of the MoinMoin pages to the outside.

    Performance is not really a big issue, my Slackware box is quite
    fast (Core 2 Duo, 2Gb  memory) but fast response to editing
    requests does make the wiki much more friendly when one does a lot
    of editing.

At present I *think* I'm going to go for a few separate wikis rather
than one big one, does this push towards using my apache server or is
it easy to run multiple moin.py servers on different ports?  Can the
moin.py server do 'outside' access and/or would it be sensible?

I *think* I'm persuading myself that using apache would be the
sensible option but I'm willing to change my mind.  If I do that will
I see a noticeable improvement in the speed of editing etc. if I
install mod_python or would that only make sense if my wiki became a
high traffic site?

Chris Green

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