[Moin-user] BUG: raw and print revs in iconbar

Martin Spacek moin at mspacek.mm.st
Fri Nov 2 22:19:28 EDT 2007


I'm using the sinorca4moin theme, and a version of moin 1.6dev from
about Oct 15 (1-6-4052b7c5dc1f I believe), and I've noticed the
following bug:

I go to history, and click view for an older revision of the page, say
rev=10. That rev displays, then I navigate away from it, or hit clear or
something, and now I'm viewing the latest rev again. But, now the raw
and print links in the iconbar still link to rev=10. What's more, these
two link to rev=10 on *all* pages on the entire site. I can go to
another computer on another browser, load it up cold, and I still see
the same problem. If I go back to any page's version history and pick
some version, say rev=21, then now the iconbar links for raw and print
will always show rev=21.

You can try it out for yourself at:


I've noticed that if I choose "raw text" or "print view" from the drop
down list in the side panel, those work fine, displaying the current
version as expected. 

Seems like it's some kind of caching problem in generating the html for
the link in the iconbar. I get the same problem with the classic theme.
I don't know if there are any other themes that also use the iconbar.

Has this been fixed in the latest rev by any chance? Any ideas? Where
might the problem be in the code?



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