[Moin-user] BUG: raw and print revs in iconbar

Martin Spacek mspacek at mm.st
Sun Nov 4 21:59:15 EST 2007

I just upgraded to moin 1.60 beta, and I still see the same problem...


Martin Spacek wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm using the sinorca4moin theme, and a version of moin 1.6dev from
> about Oct 15 (1-6-4052b7c5dc1f I believe), and I've noticed the
> following bug:
> I go to history, and click view for an older revision of the page, say
> rev=10. That rev displays, then I navigate away from it, or hit clear or
> something, and now I'm viewing the latest rev again. But, now the raw
> and print links in the iconbar still link to rev=10. What's more, these
> two link to rev=10 on *all* pages on the entire site. I can go to
> another computer on another browser, load it up cold, and I still see
> the same problem. If I go back to any page's version history and pick
> some version, say rev=21, then now the iconbar links for raw and print
> will always show rev=21.
> You can try it out for yourself at:
> http://swindale.ecc.ubc.ca
> I've noticed that if I choose "raw text" or "print view" from the drop
> down list in the side panel, those work fine, displaying the current
> version as expected. 
> Seems like it's some kind of caching problem in generating the html for
> the link in the iconbar. I get the same problem with the classic theme.
> I don't know if there are any other themes that also use the iconbar.
> Has this been fixed in the latest rev by any chance? Any ideas? Where
> might the problem be in the code?
> Thanks,
> Martin

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