[Moin-user] BUG: raw and print revs in iconbar

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Nov 5 07:29:06 EST 2007

> I'm using the sinorca4moin theme,

For bug reports, it would be good if you reproduce the stuff on some
builtin theme. It also helps to determine if it is a general problem or
a problem in sinorca4moin (for which you should contact its author).

> I go to history, and click view for an older revision of the page, say
> rev=10. That rev displays,

BTW, it is intended that actions you call from that view, get the rev=10
parameter. As you see on action=info display, lots of links (raw, print,
revert) are NOT there any more. That stuff is done now by first viewing
the specific revision and then choosing the action from the menue.

(this was done because some bots really loved that info page, and
"clicked" through all the links ...)

> then I navigate away from it, or hit clear or
> something,

What exactly do you do?

> and now I'm viewing the latest rev again. But, now the raw
> and print links in the iconbar still link to rev=10.

I tried with modern theme and can't reproduce this (raw and print action
is current rev).

> What's more, these
> two link to rev=10 on *all* pages on the entire site. I can go to
> another computer on another browser, load it up cold, and I still see
> the same problem. If I go back to any page's version history and pick
> some version, say rev=21, then now the iconbar links for raw and print
> will always show rev=21.

Sounds strange. X)

> I've noticed that if I choose "raw text" or "print view" from the drop
> down list in the side panel, those work fine, displaying the current
> version as expected. 

Ah, ok, this was what I used in modern (there are no icons in modern).

> Seems like it's some kind of caching problem in generating the html for
> the link in the iconbar. I get the same problem with the classic theme.

OK, that helps (classic is also one of the builtin themes). But I have
to admit I rarely use it.

OK, I can reproduce it with classic. Could you please file a bug report
about 1.6ClassicThemeUsingWrongRevision, so we don't forget it?

> Has this been fixed in the latest rev by any chance? Any ideas? Where
> might the problem be in the code?

Looks like the iconbar code needs the same update as the action menu

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