[Moin-user] moinmoin and double slash "//"

Lukasz Szybalski szybalski at gmail.com
Mon Nov 5 10:07:39 EST 2007

> Now on my debian installation for some reason i get the "//" before a link
> so front page has link to NewPage, but link looks like :
> so i click on it. It shows a front page again. I need to click on
> NewPage again but this time it is correct.
> Final link is:
> but now i get this if i click on Front Page
> What is wrong?

my apache config that relates to mywiki
xxx at xxx:/etc/apache2$ grep -R "mywiki" *
conf.d/wiki:<Location /mywiki>
conf.d/wiki:PythonPath "['/var/www/mywiki','/etc/moin/']+sys.path"

and moin config
xx at xxx:/etc/moin$ grep -R "mywiki" *
farmconfig.py:    (it has a single rule mapping all requests to mywiki.py).
farmconfig.py:    ("mywiki",  r".*"),   # this is ok for a single wiki
farmconfig.py:    # The return address, e.g u"J�rgen Wiki
<noreply at mywiki.org>" [Unicode]
mywiki.py:    data_dir = '/var/www/mywiki/data/'
mywiki.py:    data_underlay_dir = '/var/www/mywiki/underlay/'

I have these settings on two different systems. In one I don't get
that "//" in the other one I do. Same versions etc. What else can I do
to eliminate this problem?


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