[Moin-user] trouble with wiki-links

Kris(R) KrisR at online.de
Wed Nov 28 04:02:06 EST 2007

Dear all,
I'm just about to start wiki with manuals concerning two pieces of 
equipment. As the older one had a detector called Apex1 and the new 
Apex2 it was 'obviouse' to name all to pages the same way (with eventual 
sub-pages Apex1/what_ever). I found out that this doesn't work properly.
I couldn't for example load in acl rules if the group was called Apex1Group.
Now I found that 'Apex1/HelpOnSlots' generates only the link to 
HelpOnSlots -- is seems that a name with a number on the end is not 
recognized as 'proper' CamelCase or/and wiki-name (as work-around I use 
[wiki:Apex1/HelpOnSlots HelpOnSlots]).
I don't know if this is a bug or I make something wrong -- if the second 
please let me know.

regards kris

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