[Moin-user] User name change

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Nov 29 11:28:34 EST 2007

kai at aplteam.com schrieb:
> Somehow I managed to change my username from KaiJaeger to
> KaiJaegerTest although my intention was to create a new user
> KaiJaegerTest and nothing else.
> Now I very much would like to go back to my original name, but when I
> try this MoinMoin tells me that there is already such a user. It seems
> that I managed to confuse not only me but also MoinMoin.
> Is there any way to go back to my original name?

If you don't get it done on the user interface, I would like to have a 
bug report about this (should not happen), including all details filled out.

If you have access to the file system of the wiki server, you could just 
look into data/user/... and even edit the stuff you see there with a 
text editor.

Also maybe delete the file user2id in the data/cache/... directory.

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