[Moin-user] FrontPage

kai at aplteam.com kai at aplteam.com
Fri Nov 30 02:53:32 EST 2007

When I started to use MoinMoin I thought that alomost everybody would
click on the logo of a particular website to get back to the home
page. And because my Wiki addresses IT professionals, I was very sure
that I can remove that tab.

Today I learned that I was wrong. A really clever guy failed to find
the intended way back to the home page. Well, usability is an
interesting area...

So I brought the FronPage tab back into my interface. Now I am unhappy
with the fact that the "Frontpage" tab disappears as soon as I reach
the homepage. That leads to some confusion. For example, I am used to
click on "RecentPages" quite often, and I know that this is the second
tab now, so my right hand is clicking on the second tab even without
thinking. But it is _not_ the second tab on the homepage.

It would be much better if the tab is still there but inactive. Is
there a way to achieve this?


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