[Moin-user] Page Trail Length is One on 1.6.0

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Nov 30 19:29:18 EST 2007

> On 1.6.0 beta 2, I just noticed that when I turn on the page trail, it shows only the last page.  Per http://moinmo.in/MoinDev/Storage,
> the page trail is not stored into user_dir, but into the user's session data on Moin 1.6.

Is this for an anon user or for a logged in user? Do you see your name
at the top border of modern theme?

> Where is the session data stored?

data/cache/session* iirc.

>  I am running mod_python (perhaps I spoke too soon about mod_python working OK).

What auth method do you use?

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