[Moin-user] NewFeatures in moinmoin1.7.3

Mail@Heavy.ch mail at heavy.ch
Mon Dec 8 14:12:09 EST 2008

hi there

> Please tell me how can i use left/center/right/justify for my text
> aligntment. which command or syntax i have to use for these options in
> my text_editor.

yes, they did add those css classes to the common.css stylesheet

A) one way would be to use the parser syntax like
{{{#!wiki right
My text goes right

see here:

B) or if you got a image - you could do:
{{attachment:bild.png|bild text|class="right"}}

C) the same goes for a table, like
||<tableclass="right"> table goes right  ||

hope it helps

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