[Moin-user] Does LDAPAuth support ldaps? (with self-signed certs)

Matthew Franz mdfranz at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 17:15:01 EST 2008

> Does same config work without TLS (and without SSL)?

Yes. The workaround is to use "insecure" LDAP over stunnel

> Anyway, this doesn't look like a moin problem.
> Either the is no TLS/SSL capable ldap server or your ldap libs miss
> TLS/SSL support.

This is an AD server that is used elsewhere with PHP apps with ldaps,
so I'll investigate the ldap library with CentOS, although I find it
hard to believe that would be the case with RHEL. I'll also try the
config with a different distribution (like Ubuntu)

[root at content1 contentwiki]# rpm -vqa | grep ldap


- mdf

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