[Moin-user] Cannot create new page - not IIS problem - something is broken

John Hughes john.hughes at 4dtechnology.com
Thu Dec 11 19:42:02 EST 2008


A while ago (a week or two, or thereabouts) something changed either in 
our wiki (a template or a set of macros, perhaps) or in our environment 
so that now when anyone attempts to add a new page link to an existing 
page (from the Front Page onwards) a 404 error page is returned instead 
of the new page template. This is not an IIS issue (we don't host the 
wiki on a windows box).

For example, SomeNewPageName and [[Some New Page Name]] both result in 
the 404 display when clicked.

And, by the way, the 404 page captures the browser (Firefox 3.0.4) and 
won't allow it to go back. I have to use the back button history list. 
Which is kinda annoying.

Here's the context:
OS: Ubuntu 7.04
Moin: 1.7.2
Intranet internal stand-alone server

Just out of curiosity I attempted to create and edit a new page using IE 
(v7) and discovered that when clicking on the new link I went to the 
expected "This page does not exist yet" page and was then immediately 
taken to the offending 404 page. Using the back button on IE got me to 
where I wanted to be (seems that Moin's 404 traps Firefox, but not IE).

I also encountered the sticky 404 page on the Moin Wiki itself, by 
clicking on "NonExistentHelpPage" in the "HelpOnTemplates" page, and I 
can see http://moinmo.in/NonExistentHelpPage in the back button's 
history list, but clicking on it still results in the 404 page. I can't 
get there from here using Firefox.

This is weird. What is going on here? Any ideas?

I've searched through the help and FAQs, and looked at the mailing list, 
but still can't find a good hint as to what is causing my problem. I'm 
sure it's something trivial and I would greatly appreciate some tips as 
to where to look, especially those that don't involve pain--there are 
lots of pages of documentation on our project Wiki now.

Thank you.

John Hughes

ps. I sent this earlier as two separate postings, but I think the list 
server didn't want to let me play just then, so I'm sending it again. 
Sorry if there is duplication.

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