[Moin-user] Announcement: OpenDocument export for MoinMoin 1.7

Hape Schaal hp.news at gmx.de
Tue Dec 16 15:30:04 EST 2008


a new version of the OpenDocument formatter is available, tested 
with MoinMoin 1.7:


The previous versions for MoinMoin 1.5 and 1.6 are still available 

The formatter is called MoinMoin2ODF and exports a MoinMoin wiki 
page to an OpenDocument-Text (.odt) file.

OpenDocument is the standard file format of OpenOffice and KOffice. 
Many other applications can read this file format. 

Of course you can use OpenOffice to convert your wiki pages to other 
file formats like MS Word. Or polish your wiki pages in OpenOffice 
and create good looking PDF files!

Changes of this version:
  - Works with MoinMoin 1.7
  - Properly escapes URLs, so that Weblinks like 
    "http://foo.bar?a=1&b=2" work.
  - Better installation instructions for MoinMoin packages from 
    Linux distributions

You can download the formatter at:

Be sure to read the right section in INSTALL.txt before installing: 
There's help for automated install (Windows/Linux), manual install 
(in case you installed the MoinMoin packages of your linux 
distribution) and manual install for your MoinMoin Desktop edition.

For feedback you can use:

Best regards,


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