[Moin-user] Textchas

kai at aplteam.com kai at aplteam.com
Mon Dec 29 07:18:38 EST 2008

Hi there

I am running MoinMoin 1.7.1

I don't want to bother "recognized" users with textchas, so my approach was:

- prevent anonymous users from editing/deleting/adding pages
- Configure textchas
- Put users with an account on a page "TrustedGroup" in a kind of
semi-automated process.
- add to wikiconfig.py:   textchas_disabled_group = u"TrustedGroup"

As a result I exptected MoinMoin to present textchas when somebody
creates a new account. When the user adds pages or changes existing
pages, he or she continues to see textchas until the account gets
added to the "TrustedGroup" - from then the user should not see any
textchas anymore.

Only it does not work as expected: the "textchas_disabled_group"
seetings seems to be ignored.

Worse: when a user gets an answer wrong, the edit window disappears
and a message "TextCha: Wrong answer! Go back and try again...".

If "Go back" means what it says, it won't work: all changes are lost.
Of course this is unaccaptable, so the question is: is it a bug?

You can see this at aplwiki.aplteam.com
You can use "abc" as a user; password is "tester"

Advice is very welcome.


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