[Moin-user] How can I migrate a 1.5.7 wiki to 1.6?

kuhnolive at fh-bingen.de kuhnolive at fh-bingen.de
Tue Jan 8 08:25:45 EST 2008

Hi there!
I am looking for a consistent description to migrate a simple 1.5.7 wiki (not a
farm) to 1.6. It is running with apache2 and python2.4.
The thing is: I can't get an overview what has to be done to make that thing
complete and I don't get the order of things to do.

I have found the following description:
The migration requires that you run the migration command twice (which was not
obvious for me initially). After running the "migration data" cmd once a file
"rename1.txt" is created in the data folder. This file may be changed. Either
the modified or the unmodified file "rename1.txt" must be stored under the name
"rename2.txt" at the same place. Then the migration command has to be run again.
This starts main migration to teh new markup. A back-up containing the
unconverted data (wiki-pages) is created during the main migration in a folder
named "data.pre160". Note that older versions of the pages are not converted -
so if an older version is viewed in a moin-1.6 wiki the rendering is broken.

1. Change your config files and server configuration as required (diff 1.5.7
against the new files coming with 1.6.0)

2. Run (make sure that moin.py is on your path or add the path)
moin.py --config-dir=pathToWikiConfig --wiki-url=http://yourwiki/ migration data

3. Create the rename2.txt file

4. Start main migration (this creates a new 1.6 version for each page that is
moin.py --config-dir=pathToWikiConfig --wiki-url=http://yourwiki/ migration data
If the main migration fails you should first fix the problem and then start
again: Delete the data-folder that is created during the migration and rename
the backup folder from "data.pre160" to "data". Then re-run the migration

Thanks very much! This worked nicely.

Sorry, I don't get it. This doesn't work for me.

Do I first have to install the new MoinMoin code to the site-packages before
running the migration-script?

I did:

moin --config.dir=/usr/share/moin/config/ --wiki-url=
migration data

and got:

Calling migration script for dta, base revision 1060000
Final mig script reached, migration is complete.

O.K. But I did not get this rename1.txt.

Is there another stepwise description?


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