[Moin-user] mod_python and multiple wikis

james bardin jbardin at bu.edu
Wed Jan 9 22:19:55 EST 2008

I'm running a wikifarm with all the wikis defined by apache Locations , in
the same virtual server, and all pointing to the same PythinHandler.

After a few experiments to solve a different problem, I realized that
mod_python doesn't create separate sub-interpreters for apache locations.
I've seen some strange things like wikis linking random underlay pages to
other wikis in the farm, and the preview function booting users out to
another page after a few tries, and they are all resolved by restarting

Should we recommend using "PythonInterpreter wikiname" in the apache config
for a wikifarm when using Location directives?

I haven't been able to catch any unusual behavior lately to prove if this
solves it, but maybe someone who has more modpy experience may have some

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