[Moin-user] single user account, multiple wikis

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Thu Jan 10 21:46:51 EST 2008

Hi Ted, hi Rick,

> A new feature of 1.6 (I believe it was added in 1.6, I don't think it
> existed before then) is the ability to specify the user directory, so
> that you can use a common directory among all your wiki's.

user_dir = '/some/common/farm/user/dir'

That should work in 1.5 (at least in 1.5.8, I didn't check older
versions, see docs/CHANGES). Best is to put it into farmconfig, so every
wiki in the farm gets it automatically.

Just make sure each wiki has a unique interwikiname set and never change

>         I started evangelizing MoinMoin in my organization a couple of
>         years ago, and I've been too successful.  Now everyone and his
>         brother wants to start their own wiki.

The wiki way is about collaboration and sharing stuff, so the number of
wikis should be far less than the number of people. :)

>         For simplicity, I originally set up one wiki with the cgi-bin
>         script method.

For better speed you maybe want to user some other server method, like
fastcgi or wsgi or ...

>         Alternatively, I could simply place the wiki at the top level,
>         and
>         make other wikis into SubPages

Using too many hierarchy levels is no good in a wiki. It makes linking



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