[Moin-user] interwiki include macro

james bardin jbardin at bu.edu
Sun Jan 13 15:59:42 EST 2008

On Dec 16, 2007 1:40 AM, Shchupak, Vitaliy <Vitaliy.Shchupak at deshaw.com>

>  Try initializing the request with:
> subreq = RequestCLI('localhost/' + wikiname,
> properties={'script_name':'/'+wikiname})
> (may need to me adjusted for 1.6+)
> Vitaliy

My macro works well for wikis in a farm where each wiki is located by
"host/wikiname", but I can't get it to work for root mounted wikis, where
the url is "wikiname.host/".

I'm initializing the request like so:

inc_wiki = 'otherwiki.host.com/'
req = request_cli.Request(inc_wiki, properties={'script_name': script_name})

The script_name property was the key for getting the macro to work on a
directory based farm, but root mounted all have a script_name of '/', and
all the internal links in the  included page from otherwiki.host.com link to

Is this a possible problem with the request_cli, or am I still missing

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