[Moin-user] Mangled new page link with moin 1.6?

Gerald Gutierrez qq1 at mogeso.com
Mon Jan 14 12:59:40 EST 2008

Hello all,

I'm trying a new installation of moin 1.6. Followed instructions and have
the standalone and CGI versions working. I can browse all available pages,
create users, change themes, etc.

However -- creating new pages is broken.

Specifically, going to (with standalone server for simplicity)
http://localhost:8080/Something gets me to the page saying "This page does
not exist yet" and there is a link for "Create new empty page". The URL for
that link is http://localhost:8080/ssingPage?action=edit and not
http://localhost:8080/Something?action=edit like I thought it would be. Of
course it ends up creating the page "ssingPage" instead.

What's happening is it is taking the name "MissingPage" and taking the N
last letters from it to create the link name, where N is name length of the
page I want to create. If I want to create the page "Hello", the page it
tries to create is "gPage".

What's going on? Didn't do this with the old version.

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