[Moin-user] Problem with building the xapian index

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Jan 14 12:35:22 EST 2008

> I'm trying to build a xapian index with
>   xapian index build --mode=add


... and of course you need to give correct --config-dir and --wiki-url

> MoinMoin.error.ConfigurationError: ImportError: No module named wikiconfig

... what you obviously did not do.

> Check that the file is in the same directory as the server script.

 > I checked the given advise:
 > My wikiconfig.py is not in the same directory as the server script, 
but the
 > moin.cgi has got the line
 >    sys.path.insert(0, '/usr/share/moin/biwiki').
 > My wikiconfig.py is in /usr/share/moin/biwiki.

Python does not care at all where you put that, but it must be able to 
locate it - this is what the --config-dir is for.

> So what's the problem with it? I have no idea, where to look at now.
> What script does look where for the wikiconfig.py module?

As you did not tell it otherwise using --config-dir, it only searches 
the standard python sys.path (which will only find some standard python 
stuff, but not your config).

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