[Moin-user] How about a common.css file?

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Wed Jan 23 15:48:57 EST 2008

Hi there

According to my opinion the moderne theme needs more some "Lift up" for
to be more attractive and not only "practically".

You may could use a css framework like yaml, but others will say it
"sucks" and it's much cleaner to generate only css for thing ya need
(and not carry a bunch of useless/poor adapted css with your custom
theme). Using a yaml is just like to break a butterfly on a wheel (well
maybe read this
http://mondaybynoon.com/2007/08/27/please-do-not-use-css-frameworks/ ).

I think if somebody really want to change a theme, your not done with
changing some font sizes and colors. You maybe would start to modify the
basic theme with python and also add your own css class/ids and after
all add some custom css styles. so in the end you maybe would anyway
need a special common, screen and printer css. 

But If you still not want to override the standard css, you may add to
your moin-theme an extra href to your own custom common.css (after the
other css's) and done!

just my 5cents.


Am Mittwoch, den 23.01.2008, 11:14 -0700 schrieb Gnarlodious:
> Whenever I add some new CSS element, I need to go through all
> installed themes and add that element to the css files. Would it not
> be simpler to add a "Common.css" stylesheet that would apply default
> styles first? This would allow for theme-independent styles that
> control some basic layout and structural elements. Colors and other
> theme-based properties could still be set in separate themes.
> Does that sound like an improvement?
> -- Gnarlie
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