[Moin-user] Help Migrating 1.5.5a from Linux to Windows

Scott R. Ehrlich scott at MIT.EDU
Sun Mar 9 17:41:34 EDT 2008

On Sun, 9 Mar 2008, Roger Haase wrote:

> Hopefully you meant ActivePython rather than ActivePerl.
> The way I would go about it is to stay on Linux.  But if you must go
> Windows I would install a new 1.6.1 wiki using either Apache with
> FastCGI, modpython, or maybe modWSGI.  It is probably easiest to use
> whatever was used on Linux and copy the Linux Apache statements over to
> Windows apache.  See http://moinmo.in/HelpOnInstalling for links to
> your favorite flavor of Apache.
> Once you can access the frontpage of the new wiki, you should be able
> to unzip the Linux wiki and move/copy/rename it to your mywiki root.
> Run the migration scripts to go from 1.5.5 to 1.6.1.  Read the
> migration instructions and recopy the underlay and htdocs directory
> from 1.6.1 (if needed).
> That should get you running.  Check RecentChanges to see if there are
> any issues caused by changed/mangled timestamps on the wiki files.

Hi Roger and the list:

Yes, ActivePython (thanks).  I did try to expand the production 1.5.5a zip 
file from the Linux machine "on top of" the working 1.5.5a Windows 
installation, with the PC having been restarted, and the production 
instance shows no sign of having been integrated, thus my thinking that 
files may have paths that need to be adjusted, both for the wiki and 
Apache, and maybe for Python.

And I don't see why I would need to upgrade to the newer version until I 
can get same version working on a new platform?

Ideas welcome.



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