[Moin-user] Help Migrating 1.5.5a from Linux to Windows

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 10 13:57:26 EDT 2008

--- "Scott R. Ehrlich" <scott at MIT.EDU> wrote:

> I did try to expand the production
> 1.5.5a zip 
> file from the Linux machine "on top of" the working 1.5.5a Windows 
> installation, with the PC having been restarted, and the production 
> instance shows no sign of having been integrated, thus my thinking
> that 
> files may have paths that need to be adjusted, both for the wiki and 
> Apache, and maybe for Python.
> And I don't see why I would need to upgrade to the newer version
> until I 
> can get same version working on a new platform?

Going from 1.5.5 on Linux to 1.5.5 on Windows should work OK.  
  1. Compare the Linux httpd.conf against the Windows version for
differences (just the few moin related statements).
  2. Compare the wikiconfig.py on the two versions, especially the
statements under the section marked critical setup.
  3. You need to offer more clues as to what is failing, exactly.

I regularly use Unison to sync my test copy on Windows up with the
production copy on Fedora Core 6.  


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