[Moin-user] Templates v. ACLs

Greg Noel GregNoel at tigris.org
Mon Mar 10 18:23:40 EDT 2008

On Mar 10, 2008, at 7:44 AM, Thomas Waldmann wrote:

> ... If you want to change ACLs, you need admin rights.

Yes, and I think that should remain true.  I considered schemes where  
the new ACL was passed in from the macro, but they were always  
insecure in some way.  I didn't want that; I want a scheme that is  
completely controllable from the template (the editors of which would  
need admin rights on the template to change the ACLs, of course).

> Moin (and most wikis) don't have a concept of "page ownership"  
> because it is often hard to define who should be that owner.

Ah, true; in this case, I meant the @ME@ who instantiated the  
template; the creator.

> If there are some specific conditions when a user should have admin  
> rights, it can be done by a security policy. Maybe look at the  
> autoadmin secpol (see MoinMoin/security/autoadmin.py).

Hmmm...  I'd seen this in the docs (although I didn't know the name),  
but what I want is for there to be specific privileges on _one_ page  
below a master page: read/write by the creator, read by a special  
group, not accessible to the public.  (The last is the killer; if you  
use @ME@ for the creator, he doesn't have read permission on the  
template when trying to instantiate it.)

I'll have to look at how the security policies are done; maybe it's  
an alternative to the scheme I suggested in my last message.

> Maybe a future moin template system should not load the template  
> into the editor, but instantiate a page with a copy of that  
> template as first revision (and thus, creating the ACL internally,  
> without the user needing to be able to do that). Of course this is  
> only half a solution for your special case.

It would be sufficient to solve my special case, but it seems like a  
lot more of an upheaval than the scheme I suggested.  I'll look at  
doing this, as well.

I appreciate your comments; there are two alternatives here that I  
hadn't thought of.  It will give me something to work with.

-- Greg Noel, retired UNIX guru

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