[Moin-user] HTTP success status for no-permission pages.

Matthew Brett matthew.brett at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 14:03:32 EDT 2008


Our university web gurus wrote to complain about the fact that a 'you
do not have permission to view this page'  error in Moin results in a
success HTML status - message below.

Would it be sensible to output an HTML non-success message for this case?

Thanks a lot,


Forwarded message:

Also, trying the [wiki] link from the [html] home page, I got a
"You are not allowed to view this page." message - which is fair enough -
but it was served with 200 success HTTP status, which is bad news for
search engines since any page that gives a success response is by
definition a candidate for indexing. Error pages really ought to give an
appropriate HTTP error status, so that client software can recognise it as
an error.

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