[Moin-user] Adding a subscribable user database to Moin

Sebastian Haase sebastian.haase at mdc-berlin.de
Fri Mar 14 04:16:23 EDT 2008

I'm using this opportunity to ask a question I'm thinking about for a long time:
How would / could Django (www.djangoproject.com) play together with MoinMoin ?
It would probably be non-feasable to "completely rewrite MoinMoin" as
a Django application ;-)
Even though, had Django existed prior, it would have made making
MoinMoin much easier!
But more specific: The first thing one would want is that user-logins
would be "exchanged" between MoinMoin and
Django: so a user who logs into one  would automatically get
recognized as an existing user in the other.

Now to the OP's question:  If a database like you want it is not
easily implemented within MoinMoin, then a django app would certainly
be a quite easy homework kind-of task to write.

Sebastian Haase

On Fri, Mar 14, 2008 at 4:55 AM, Gnarlodious
<lists.gnarlodious at gmail.com> wrote:
> My local Mac User Group (MUG) wants a new website. I proposed the Moin
> software, and they like the idea. You can see the site here:
> http://SantaFeMUG.org/
> Only one consideration. The MUG has members who renew yearly, paying
> $35 for access to the meetings and website private area. This work is
> all handled by the secretary, but we want to automate it. We want the
> user to be reminded by email when their membership expires. They would
> then click on a button that would allow them to pay online. This is
> all voluntary, of course, and non-payers would not necessarily be
> kicked off the site.
> I realize MoinMoin is not set up for this kind of user management.
> Does it sound possible to add it as a plug-in? Is there any easy way
> to edit a user database in the Moin software? I am talking about
> names, phone numbers and email address, etc. Or would it be best to
> use a separate script and integrate that into the moin userlist?
> Any comments or suggestions are welcome. I would also add that such
> capability might be very popular with usergroups and clubs in general.
> -- Gnarlie
> http://Gnarlodious.com/
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