[Moin-user] Stripping out wiki actions

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Mar 14 07:18:12 EDT 2008

> I'm setting up a moinmoin wiki for the first time for a small group
> that uses the internet to coordinate. I want to set it up so that by
> default, none of the wiki-specific actions or toolbars (except for
> 'login') is visible to people without accounts.

There is a theme "modern_cms" that does this (or "did this", I didn't 
try it for some time, maybe it needs an update).

> Secondly... is there a way for me to have a different header for just
> the front page? Such as having a fancier image and no written out
> title text? I can resort to having a static page, but I'd rather have
> it modifiable like everything else on the site.

The theme itself does not change per page.
But you can add some html header or footer using a python function (and 
check the pagename in that function).

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