[Moin-user] Stripping out wiki actions

Roger Haase crosseyedpenguin at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 14 11:31:45 EDT 2008

--- John Karp <johnkarp at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm setting up a moinmoin wiki for the first time for a small group
> that uses the internet to coordinate. I want to set it up so that by
> default, none of the wiki-specific actions or toolbars (except for
> 'login') is visible to people without accounts.
> I know the docs give a way of making both the anon and default user
> profiles hide those elements, but I don't want this... I only want to
> pare things down for the anonymous; new accounts should default to
> showing the full wikiness.
> Secondly... is there a way for me to have a different header for just
> the front page? Such as having a fancier image and no written out
> title text? I can resort to having a static page, but I'd rather have
> it modifiable like everything else on the site.
> Thanks,
> John Karp

I am doing something similar at http://www.digitalrockart.org.  Moin is
used as a "companion" wiki to document another application.  An apache
rewrite statement is used to redirect requests for the site default
index page to a wiki page.  wikiconfig.py has a theme_default =
'newbie' (logged in users use a different theme).

The newbie theme sub-classes the fixedleft contributed theme.  There
are no htdocs for the newbie theme, they all come from the sub-classed
theme.  The entire left panel is hard coded in the newbie theme.  To
make it usable for your site, you will have to recode it to point to
the pages you want visitors to view.  If you are interested in using
it, I can add the newbie theme code as an attachment to the fixedleft

I was thinking of trying to make the newbie theme more flexible by
creating a wiki page with a list of pages that would become the left
sidebar.  Anyone have a tip on how to read/load a wiki page within
theme code so the contents could be stuffed into the current page's

Roger Haase

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