[Moin-user] Adding new pages with a script?

Thomas tja at tja-server.de
Fri Mar 14 16:05:34 EDT 2008

Eduardo Mercovich schrieb:
> What are your rules to import that? What is going to be a page? How
> are your going to handle links? Or maybe you don't care about them?
> When monolitic documents are migrated into a wiki, the biggest
> challenge is usually to transform all those individual pieces into a
> good hypertext.

I just import the files - if they need a special format-option or other 
handling, it needs to be contained in them already.

In that case, i had html Files, which i begin with a "#format html" or a 
  "{{{#!html" line ... that was added automatically when i create the 
files with other scripts.
But i wanted to read them more easily - therefor the import to my wiki.

Also, i had simple txt, that i included without special markup - if it 
contains WikiLinks, they will be usable ...

That were about 6000 articles from some forums, that i moved into my 
Wiki for reference - they are added to one page for every same topic 
(between one and some dozend artivles per page) and also contain one 
line that references back to the original forum for each original 
article (posting).

 From the "import irclog" skript, i just removed the references to irc 
and the "format plain" ...
Worked nice :)

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