[Moin-user] Moin 1.6 & HTML iframes

Rick Vanderveer rick.vanderveer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 17:13:27 EDT 2008

under Moin 1.5.x, we used to escape to HTML, then use iframes to display
some HTML that we had living on another server. It was crude, but

With Moin 1.6, it seems this is now blocked.  I understand that this is
normally a security risk, which is probably why it's blocked. But in our
case, our wiki is only accessible from internally (no outside access), and
the HTML pages we're "embedding" are from other internal servers.  (In some
cases, we're merely providing a sudo one-stop place for our internal data,
even though it's spread across various servers).

Is there a way to over-ride this?  If so, what file do I need to edit?

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