[Moin-user] What type of IRC used by moinmo?

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Fri Mar 21 11:40:01 EDT 2008

> I want to make a irc server integrating  with moinmoin just like the  
> moinmo.in,too.
>  From the moinmoin can check the memo of IRC chat.what type of the irc  
> is used in moinmo.in
> and how to seting up the irc server to intergrate with moinmoin ?

For the moin IRC channels, we just use the freenode.net IRC network (not
our own server).

We have a supybot ChannelLogger logging all stuff on #moin-dev (so that
we can search for stuff later).

The pushing to the wiki pages is done by a crontab calling moin ...
import irclog...

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