[Moin-user] moin 1.6 attachments behaviour

Rick Vanderveer rick.vanderveer at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 17:06:16 EDT 2008

Hey Thomas,
I understand the changes made, and the future implementation of revisioned
attachments will be a HUGE win for Moin!

However, I too am getting hate-mail over the confusion with attachments from
my users.  Is there a way, based on mimetypes or other mechanism, to specify
which files get downloaded and which get displayed?


On Tue, Mar 25, 2008 at 1:09 PM, Thomas Waldmann <tw at waldmann-edv.de> wrote:

> Hi Neal,
> > Looks like the bug where my attachments don't directly cause download
> > (unless written as
> > [[attachment:bla.csv|blah.cs|&do=get]]
> > )
> > is not fixed in 1.6.2
> That's intended, not a bug.
> Pages and attachments will be unified to "items with a mimetype".
> E.g. a wiki page could be a item of type text/x-moin-wiki that contains
> some raw wiki markup.
> If you link to that page (that item) and click on the link, you will get
> a rendered view of that item (currently called "action=show" [default]).
> Note: It won't download the raw wiki markup into your browser or onto
> your hard disk.
> The same is true for attachments now: by default, you get a "rendered"
> view of them if you just link to them and follow the link, not a direct
> download of the item.
> Currently that view is rather simple (just the download link + a view of
> the item below), but for the future I see some more enhanced renderers,
> showing some metadata in this rendered view, so it will be more useful
> than now with just the old AttachFile code.
> Also, that [[attachment:foo.txt]] markup will get (automatically)
> converted to just [[/foo.txt]] (a sub-item of the current one, like
> attachments currently being stored logically below a page) as soon as we
> have the new storage backend that is capable of storing mimetype objects.
> As you see, there is no "attachment:" any more after that change, so we
> won't be easily able to create a different link.
> Of course you still can do something like [[target|label|special
> params]] then, there is just no "attachment magic" any more.
> A side effect of this change will be that "attachment file names" move
> to PATH_INFO, e.g. http://server/WikiPage/file.png and this will fix the
> annoyance of non-ascii character handling (we can't currently do it so
> that it works for any browser). We maybe will have this URL change in
> advance as it is not dependent on the backend change (but it makes even
> more sense WITH it).
> Cheers,
> Thomas
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