[Moin-user] moin 1.6 attachments behaviour

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Wed Mar 26 12:35:22 EDT 2008

Hi Rick,

> However, I too am getting hate-mail over the confusion with attachments 
> from my users.  Is there a way, based on mimetypes or other mechanism, 
> to specify which files get downloaded and which get displayed? 

Well, it would be a big problem (esp. in the future) to generate 
different links depending on the link target's mimetype (that would have 
a big performance impact as you would have to determine the mimetype of 
every link target to render a page).

Thus, the only place we could handle stuff differently in an automatic 
way is on the rendered view of the link target. But if you just look at 
a non-wiki-page item, wouldn't it be strange to automatically trigger a 
download? What if the user did not want that? Then he would get a 
auto-downloaded no matter what...

If someone has an idea, feel free. :)



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