[Moin-user] moin 1.6 attachments behaviour

Poor Yorick net.sourceforge.lists.moin-user at pooryorick.com
Wed Mar 26 13:37:11 EDT 2008

Thomas Waldmann wrote:
> Hi Rick,
>> However, I too am getting hate-mail over the confusion with attachments 
>> from my users.  Is there a way, based on mimetypes or other mechanism, 
>> to specify which files get downloaded and which get displayed? 
> Well, it would be a big problem (esp. in the future) to generate 
> different links depending on the link target's mimetype (that would have 
> a big performance impact as you would have to determine the mimetype of 
> every link target to render a page).
> Thus, the only place we could handle stuff differently in an automatic 
> way is on the rendered view of the link target. But if you just look at 
> a non-wiki-page item, wouldn't it be strange to automatically trigger a 
> download? What if the user did not want that? Then he would get a 
> auto-downloaded no matter what...
> If someone has an idea, feel free. :)

I'm a rather new moinmoin user, so this may be naive, but the user usually 
knows whether they intend the link to be downloaded or rendered, so how about 
another scheme that the user could explicitly specify:


Poor Yorick

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