[Moin-user] acl_rights_after override page acl

Poor Yorick net.sourceforge.lists.moin-user at pooryorick.com
Mon Mar 31 11:37:35 EDT 2008

Using moin-1.6.1, acl_rights_after looks like this:

acl_rights_after = u"All:read"

A certain page contains one acl that looks like this:

#acl All:read,write

But anonymous users end up without right permissions.  In this scenario, shouldn't the acl processing stop before it gets to acl_rights_after?  If I comment out acl_rights_after in the configuration, anonymous users get read/write access.

Also, I could have sworn that several days ago anonymous users did have write access to this page, but now today they don't.

Anyone encountered similar issues?  The page in question is here:



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