[Moin-user] Hierarchical Numbered Lists

Michael Freeman mike.freeman.3832 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 31 13:41:31 EDT 2008

I am in the process of moving a hard-copy based Quality System
manual(s) into my moinmoin wiki.  In manuals of this sort, every
paragraph is numbered in a hierarchical manner.

Therefore it would be very useful if I could get numbered lists of the sort:


And also be able to set the starting number, so that I would get,
starting at the top of the list on a given page:


You can do the first part in headers with
 #pragma section-numbers
But you can't set the first-number off-set, and I really don't want
make all of the paragraphs into headers.  (It's just wrong, dammit.)

Apparently there was a feature request made 4 years ago for such
functionality, but it appears to still be open:


Is there any hope with this, or should I just start hard-coding the
paragraphs numbers into the paragraphs?

Also, I am using the default "modern" theme.  Is there a theme that
modifies the numbered list behavior in a way that would be useful to
this application?  Or some other resource?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Michael J. Freeman
Reserve, LA

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