[Moin-user] Wiki for document management

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Tue Oct 7 13:52:10 EDT 2008

>   * editing a large document with MoinMoin is awkward -- we're all
>     jealous of MediaWiki's "edit a single section" feature.

Yes, that is a quite often wanted feature and we are aware of that.

But I could hold myself back from implementing some dirty hack for this
because we'll likely have a much cleaner way in the foreseeable future:

Bastian Blank did some parser/formatter DOM refactoring project in
summer of code 2008. This basically gives a parsed moin document some
structured representation in memory - and I think this will be a good
base for implementing section editing and similar features.

Merging this stuff into main branch will take a while, though, because
we first need to merge the work of other SOC projects:
 * FCKeditor upgrade (merge done, release as 1.8)
 * WSGI refactoring (merge done, release as 1.9)
 * Storage refactoring (merge + quite some related work todo, release as
 * DOM refactoring (merge + much related work todo, release as ?.?)

>   * no concept of review/approval

There are quite some people dealing with such stuff / thinking about
using moin in such an application.

Pity that nobody of them managed to start a discussion/facts page about
this on the moin wiki yet.

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