[Moin-user] Odd behaviour of hierarchical ACLs

Jim Wight j.k.wight at ncl.ac.uk
Tue Oct 14 05:39:24 EDT 2008

I have been asked to create private wiki space for each of a number of
groups. I could obviously use one wiki per group, but I thought I would
try using hierarchical ACLs to restrict each group to a subtree of pages
in the same wiki. For testing (with 1.7.2), I have these wikiconfig.py

    acl_hierarchic = True
    acl_rights_before = u"adminuser:read,write,delete,revert,admin"
    acl_rights_default = u"All:read"
    auth = [HTTPAuth()]
    show_login = 0
    user_autocreate = True

plus the following pages

#acl Team1Group:read,write,delete,revert All:

 * someuser

I have the following problem: if someuser creates a new page under Team1
the page gets created - I can see it if logged in as adminuser - but if
someuser clicks the 'Clear message' link after Save Changes, the display
jumps to the page for creating a new empty page again. In fact, someuser
is unable to view the page at all - attempts result in the page for
creating a new empty page being displayed. But if adminuser creates a
page under Team1, someuser can display it.
Does this indicate a bug in the handling of hierarchical ACLs, or do I
misunderstand something?


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