[Moin-user] moinmoin to render, svn/bzr to do the revision control in my folder?

Lukasz Szybalski szybalski at gmail.com
Wed Oct 15 10:03:58 EDT 2008

I was wondering how could I achieve the following. Either via taking
our parts of moinmoin or importing moin modules into my python app :

1. I have a folder in my repository called "wiki" in which I have
files with moinmoin syntax. I would like to render them to a webpage.
2. Is moin code separated enough so I could take out the rendering
engine and use it within my webpage? (Which code and how?)(or which
modules to import from my python app to get the rendering going?)
3. I would like to provide "edit, preview, save, print view, raw view,
and docbook? (edit,preview,save as soon as possible) Is that possible
? How could this be achieved?
4. On save it would issue a commit command in which ever revision
control I'm on.

Could you guys point me to parts of moinmoin that would fulfill the
above requirements?

Thank you,

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