[Moin-user] want to suggest a feature

kent sin kentsin at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 21 10:45:24 EDT 2008

Is it possible that wiki use a meaningless page id?

If a title is attached to every pages (like the name now), all the link refer to titles not page id. When a link linked to a title have only one page, the page is displayed as current implementations. When a link have more then one page, it go to a auto-render or user created page selection page. 

All pages have its owner. The ACL determine the rights to access the page. And, by default, no body is allowed to edit pages own by others. Only clone the page and own the edited page.

The model is : 

There is no authorized knowledge. There are people presenting different views and opinion, people seeking for answer need to select from them.

The same setting is useful in other situations also : 

we got versions, but no need to manually give every version a different name. If we use wiki to manage our code, all version share the same name. It is up to the user to choose what version to use.

Knowledge is not a single authorized solid true answer! Even in a scientific world.

The current wiki did not allow multiple version to co-exist. This should be changed.

Is the above proposal BAD? or need more explain? 

I really hope the above option be fully evaluated by wiki communities. That true knowledge need more than one answer. That different view should be co-existed and peacefully waiting for user to believe. More then one version and more than one authorized answer to any question is so fundamental to science and truth.

Please implement it.

Thank you for reading these. 


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