[Moin-user] Visualizing wiki page connections

Don Gray don at donaldegray.com
Fri Oct 24 10:22:18 EDT 2008

  I'm using 1.7.2 in desktop mode on WinXP SP3. It works fine, but
  I've noticed that the web pages are starting to branch, reconnect,
  and generally confuse me. They're more like a neural network than a
  hierarchical assembly.

  I found and installed http://moinmo.in/ActionMarket/VisualSiteMap
  When I try to run the action
  http://localhost:8080/Trust?action=VisualSiteMap it returns:
  AttributeError 'Request' object has no attribute 'http_headers'

  I checked the mail list archive, but couldn't find a recent

  I found VisualSiteMap_1.3.1-BABY.py. I've modified:

  CACHE_DIR  = "F:\MoinMoin\wiki\data\cache"
  CACHE_URL  = "http://localhost:8080/cache"
  DOT_EXE    = "D:\Program Files\Graphviz 2.21\bin"

  and renamed to VisualSiteMap.py
  Stopped wikiserver.py and exited the web page.
  Restarted wikiserver.py and loaded localhost:8080
  Went to the VisualSiteMap and received the same error. It occurs in
  def execute(pagename, request):
  1. Will VisualSiteMap work with the Desktop version?
  2. Am I setting something wrong in VisualSiteMap.py?
  3. Am I missing an entry in another configuration file?
  4. Is there a document I should RTFM?

  I have a programming background, but don't know Python OR the wiki
  structure. (Translates to I can find code and am happy to modify it,
  as long it makes sense).

Don (336)374-7591

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