[Moin-user] Visualizing wiki page connections

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Sun Oct 26 12:16:21 EDT 2008

>   They're more like a neural network than a hierarchical assembly.


>   I found and installed http://moinmo.in/ActionMarket/VisualSiteMap
>   When I try to run the action
>   http://localhost:8080/Trust?action=VisualSiteMap it returns:
>   AttributeError 'Request' object has no attribute 'http_headers'

Looks like the action code was not updated to recent moin versions.
You could either contact its author or fix it yourself:
The call is now emit_http_headers (just grep for it to get some example

>   CACHE_DIR  = "F:\MoinMoin\wiki\data\cache"

Be careful with backslashes.
Eiter use r"foo\bar" or "foo\\bar".

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