[Moin-user] Visualizing wiki page connections

Don Gray don at donaldegray.com
Sun Oct 26 20:27:38 EDT 2008


> Looks like the action code was not updated to recent moin versions.
> You could either contact its author or fix it yourself:

  I went with do it myself. So far I've changed ...

  wikiutil.send_title(request, _('Visual Map of %s') % pagename, pagename=pagename)

  request.theme.send_title(_('Visual Site Map for "%s"') % (pagename), pagename=pagename)

  I'm using Python 2.5. Due to http://bugs.python.org/issue1524 I
  modified the following lines as follows:

  os.system('"%s" -T%s -o"%s" "%s"' % (DOT_EXE, OUTPUT_FORMAT, imagefilename, dotfilename)) didn't work for me
  os.system('"%s" -Tcmap -o"%s" "%s"' % (DOT_EXE, mapfilename, dotfilename)) didn't work either

  subprocess.call('%s -T%s -o"%s" "%s"' % (DOT_EXE, OUTPUT_FORMAT, imagefilename, dotfilename))
  subprocess.call('"%s" -Tcmap -o"%s" "%s"' % (DOT_EXE, mapfilename, dotfilename))
>>   CACHE_DIR  = "F:\MoinMoin\wiki\data\cache"
> Be careful with backslashes.
> Eiter use r"foo\bar" or "foo\\bar".

  Oddly, this hasn't bitten me yet. But as I mentioned, I'm running
  1.7.2 in desktop mode. I had major difficulties getting CACHE_DIR
  and CACHE_URL to work together. CACHE_DIR worked fine. The 3 files
  (.dot, .png and .cmap) were created in CACHE_DIR. But the standalone
  wikiserver wasn't looking in http://localhost:8080/cache Luckily a
  friend helped figure out where the server was looking for the files.

  At this time VisualSiteMap works. Next I'm going to work on trying
  to figure out how to get a different visual map, more like

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