[Moin-user] URL authentication (without apache auth)?

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Tue Oct 28 17:09:29 EDT 2008

Hi there

I started trying to archive my mp3 music collection with MoinMoin.I'm
use a protected Wiki, but would like also to "stream" (sort of) some m3u
or mp3 files directly to a multimedia player. A file like music.m3u
would be downloaded from my wiki and would be open with my vlc player.

The file looks like:

As you can see it would require that MoinMoin would allow to use
authentication over a simple url. I couldn't find a way to do this with
a standalone server. BUT I could find a way, if you're using some apache
server to enable the {{{ auth = [HTTPAuth()] }}}. Unter apache you could
use then {{{ mod_auth_basic }}} and create your user with htpasswd. Now
it's possible to save the m3u on your local harddisk, and play the songs
over the server.

--> BUT is there a way to do this without apache auth and let MoinMoin
(Standalone Server) due the user authentication & management stuff?


Btw. for security reason you should also use some TLS e.g. https://

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