[Moin-user] Restart MoinMoin

Greg Ward gerg.ward+moin at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 11:40:36 EDT 2008

On 29 October 2008, kai at aplteam.com said:
> Since I have moved from IIS to Apache something has changed:
> When I change my wikiconfig.py file and then restart Apache, the
> changes are not taken into account.
> I can even *remove* both wikiconfig.py and wikiconfig.pyc and I can
> still access my pages.
> I am using FastCGI.

The whole point of using FastCGI is that MoinMoin is now a long-running
process that does not have to do expensive stuff like read config files
on every request.  You're right that you have to restart *something*,
but Apache isn't it.  ;-)


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