[Moin-user] Debug output missing in Version 1.72

R.Bauer rb.proj at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 06:25:52 EDT 2008

Gaffling, Dietmar (NSN - DE/Berlin) schrieb:
> There is no debug output in Version 1.72
> What should I do to get the debug output in case of some errors, (I set debug=1) which I see in version 1.5x ???
> Mit freundlichen Grüßen / best regards
> Dietmar Gaffling

Please read


search for
* Logging

It is if it becomes configured. ;) The logging is changed to pythons
logging module. For an example configuration look into
wiki/config/logging/ README and samples.

In this directory is a collection of pre-made logging configuration files.

Typically, your server adaptor script (e.g. moin.cgi) will have this:

from MoinMoin import log
log.load_config('wiki/config/logging/logfile') # XXX please fix this path!

You have to fix that path to use a logging configuration matching your
needs (we provide some examples in the path given there, it is relative to
the uncompressed moin distribution archive - if you use some moin package,
you maybe find it under /usr/share/moin/).

It is likely that you also have to edit the sample logging configurations
we provide (e.g. to fix the logfile location).

If you don't configure logging using those lines, moin will use some
logging configuration (which might be correct for some cases, but incorrect
for some other cases, so be careful!).

You need to edit the moin.cgi that your webserver runs.

CGI / Apache: use the stderr configuration, stuff will go to apache
CGI / IIS: use the logfile configuration and edit the logfile path

You can make very flexible and powerful logging configurations using this
mechanism, for more details see:




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