[Moin-user] html to Moin

jdd jdd at dodin.org
Fri Oct 31 07:56:11 EDT 2008

Karl Auer a écrit :

> I took that converter and extended it to to a reasonably good job of
> converting HTML to Confluence dialect.


 It's pretty straightforward stuff
> - fixing outputs like "<<BR>>" instead of "[[BR]]" would be trivial.

I beg so
> Unless you are a total Perl neophyte, I suggest you just adjust the
> converter to do it right. MoinMoin is one of the more complete dialects
> available for the converter. Or I'd be happy to send you my Confluence
> dialect to work on. It handles links and has a few other niceties...

I can probably edit the dialect file myself, but I have a lot of
things to do for the LDP, and didn't want to do already done work :-)

and for the GUI, I see word or text entry, but no html?



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