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jdd for http://tldp.org jdd at dodin.org
Fri Oct 31 11:50:33 EDT 2008

Karl Auer a écrit :
> On Fri, 2008-10-31 at 16:29 +0100, R.Bauer wrote:
>> use copy and paste from firefox to the gui editor
>> (or drag and drop)
> That will be a long and painful process if he's got lots of files. Very
> useful for converting a few though.

does not convert anything AFAIK, simply quotes it as code with {{{}}}.

I could use #format html if I had just to display the result, but I
want to allow editing

The LDP is The Linux Documentation Project, the older Linux
documentation Web site, father of the HOWTOs. We try to make the life
easier to our authors to subit HOWTOs.

we just setup a MoinMoin wiki. We choosed it because his secure and
docbook friendly. Most of our documents are docbook sourced but if we
can have easily wiki->docbook (through action), I don't see how to
have docbook to wiki, so try to do html to wiki.

we have 400+ HOWTOs, but we don't have to convert them right now, only
some of them are to be done soon.

I'm very busy writing wiki page to help authors and visitors :-)


jdd for the Linux Documentation Project

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