[Moin-user] bash parser - some help with python?

Kris(R) KrisR at online.de
Tue Sep 9 10:15:51 EDT 2008

dear all,
I'm using moinmoin to documentate installation of our cluster and I
wanted to contribute with bash parser.
Unfortunately I'm absolute newbie to python (and actually I can't spend
to much time learning python).
I used as example some other parsers (mostly sci) and looked on web
after string editing with python
but I've still got some questions.

I defined in my modern/common.css file
div.codearea pre span.BuiltIns    { color: #0000ff; }
div.codearea pre span.LoopCond    { color: #ff9c00; font-weight: bold; }
div.codearea pre span.LinuxBin    { color: #b040d0; }
div.codearea pre span.LinuxSbin   { color: #f02020; }
div.codearea pre span.Services    { color: #20b020; }
div.codearea pre span.Varia       { color: #6080ff; }
div.codearea pre span.Variables   { color: #ff8060; }

This last one should "lighten" the variables defined in bash ( ie $var1)
however the following pair-rule wasn't working
even if theres is no problem with smth like this:
        builtins_cmd = [ 'alias', 'bg', 'bind', ......]
When I looked into the html code generated by moinmoin, instead of <span
class="Variables" >
I found <span class="Default" >.  What is the reason? Did I make smth wrong?
I used then "default" name Preprc
and everything went smooth. I know that it's better to use standardized
names (ie one of: ID,
Operator, Char, Comment, Number, String, SPChar, ResWord, ConsWord,
Error, ResWord2,
Special, Preprc) but  then I'm restricted with number of different

Another question.
I wanted to define (as you can see it css-definition) services as
separate color.
It should nicely show if one use command like
services httpd start
Now, I added
        services = [ 'acpid', .... 'httpd', .....]       
The problem is, that word httpd is also colored in
egrep "^User|^Group" /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
Simple  exchange of 'httpd' to 'httpd ' lead to no color at all.
Any hint how to overcome this behavior would be welcomed.

thanks in advance


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