[Moin-user] New attachment implementation 1.5 -> 1.7

Thomas Waldmann tw-public at gmx.de
Mon Sep 15 07:48:36 EDT 2008

> Understand there is a new attachment implementation.

Not yet, just some minor changes.

The big change will be done after the new storage code gets merged
(likely next year).

A while ago I wrote some more detailed mail here with some of the
reasonings, maybe you can find it in the archives. I know that the
recent change looks strange from a user perspective, but there were good
reasons (maybe not obvious now, but after we do the big change).

> Attachments get
> 'rendered' instead of downloaded. Our wiki is a document repository of
> MS type documents. How are they rendered?

They can't be rendered as there is no code in moin or in the browser to
render them (and AFAIK there is no code freely available for this

What moin does in such cases is just show the attachment page and a big
download button at the top.

In some future version, this will be enhanced by showing some metadata
for the file and also a bit more pretty than now.

> Is there an example I see on the web?

You can try on http://moinmo.in/WikiSandBox

>  Not sure my users are going to want that aspect changed.

For direct downloads, you can use [[attachment:foo.doc|Foo Bar|

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